San Diego :: Four Seasons Aviara

Our Jet-Set Family experience at Four Seasons Aviara is one of our most special getaways ever. It was Jet-Set Tot’s very first hotel stay and she was spoiled from the moment we checked-in, until the moment we left. In fact, we were all spoiled. From breakfast on the terrace overlooking the gorgeous property, to spa treatments that will go down in history as Jet-Set Mom’s best massage ever, The Jet-Set Family had such a memorable time.

I clearly remember being a new mom, trying this whole ‘traveling with Tot’ thing out for the first time and the simple thought of having an extra ‘Jet-setter In Training’ just overwhelmed me. Did I pack enough? Will she be cold? Warm? Comfortable? What if I run out of diapers? Cream? This was starting to stress me out! Our weekend away was becoming a scene from some bad movie.

Four Seasons Aviara Jet-Set Family

Well that didn’t last very long. The staff at Four Seasons Aviara could not have been more accommodating! From making sure Jet-Set Tot’s crib was assembled with the freshest and most adorable bed linens upon arrival, to her very own gift basket complete with sun care, hat, and swim suit. I remember thinking, “I can easily get used to this.”

This will remain one of our favorite properties we have ever visited and the photos from this weekend will always make my heart smile. Four Seasons has always gone above and beyond treating our family like family. Just when we needed it most, Four Seasons Aviara provided the rest and relaxation that this Jet-Set Mom and Dad were seeking at a time when we had no idea which end was up!

Though we have not been back in some time and would love to especially now since Jet-Set Tot is a little mermaid and I think she would love exploring the property and swimming in the pool. Jet-Set Mom is really looking forward to watching Jet-Set Tot and Jet-Set Dad splash around thinking how at this moment, nothing could make life any more perfect more now…


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

Nicole_StandleyNicole Standley a.k.a. Jet-Set Mom, is a social influencer + lifestylist covering luxury travel, fine-dining, fashion & pop culture for The Trend Tribe. Contributor for CBS LA, Lucky Magazine, Burke Williams Spa &, follow her latest travels and escapades on Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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