The Jet-Set Family Weekends at Hotel Sierra

Hotel Sierra Redmond WashingtonOn our last visit to the Pacific Northwest we opted to stay outside of Seattle to be more accessible to friends and family. We were only in town for a whirlwind weekend and had a list of family stuff we needed to do/see within the matter of hours, so we headed over the 520-bridge to Jet-Set Dad’s hometown and settled on Hotel Sierra in Redmond, Washington (just a 20-minute drive from downtown Seattle.)

Hotel Sierra may have contemporary architecture & decor; however this place was very homey.  Our extended-stay suite was clean, very environmentally conscious and hands-down the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. Note: this Jet-Set Family has slept in many hotel room beds and I still dream of this one!

Complete with kitchenette, and full-size fold out sleeper for Jet-Set Tot, Hotel Sierra was the perfect extended stay property and provided a great place for our family.  Not only would we recommend it, we would stay there again.  Free breakfast, WiFi, complimentary Starbucks?  Sign. Me. Up. Lil’ Jet-Setter and Jet-Set Dad were also big fans of the indoor pool. Once we were done with our family obligations, those two water rats were pool bound every waking moment!

Hotel Sierra Redmond Washington

Room service is unavailable; however there are a bevy of local & chain restaurants near and within walking distance to the property. And you are also very close to downtown Redmond which has some fantastic stand-alone eateries as well. Make sure to ask the concierge for some recommendations.

Only thing that bummed me out…no soaking tub, in fact, no tub at all, but I think that is par for this eco-friendly course. Oh, and no shower door, so you may feel a draft. Don’t ask. See that little circular open-hole window Jet-Set Tot is peeking out of? Yeah…

Not only is Hotel Sierra green-friendly, but it is also very kid-friendly which was a huge bonus after a long day in the city. There was room for all of us to spread out, unwind and have some breathing room.  Overall, two thumbs up!

Which leads me to my next question…when visiting family, the more the merrier or the farther the better?


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley