Quick Fire Challenge :: Top Chef The Tour

For Jet-Set Tot’s first Halloween, Jet-Set Dad and myself had no idea what type of frock to dress her in. Believe it or not, I’ve always had a very realistic practical side when it comes to spending money, so I wanted to make sure whatever I purchased for her would not only be super stylish and trendsetting, but also functional and grow with her over the years. We ordered a personalized chef’s jacket, hat, apron & tools from Williams-Sonoma and Chef Jet-Set Tot was born. I like to call this manifesting destiny.

Many don’t realize that I’m stickler when it comes to Jet-Set Tot watching TV. I prefer her to watch movies, and while I’m a pushover for Nick Jr., Jet-Set Tot still has no idea what the programs on regular Nickelodeon are. I’m OK with keeping her appropriately young. I don’t want the ‘cool’ kid. I want a ‘good’ kid.

The Jet-Set Family Top Chef Tour

But I slack also. Sometimes I just can’t do one more Fresh Beat Band. So I’ll sneak off to my room and try to catch a quick episode of a previously recorded Top Chef on my DVR. Pffft! No sooner do I sit down and fluff the pillows behind me, guess who’s 2 inches to my left? Yep, Jet-Set Tot. Asking a miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillion questions. But this time it’s different, I don’t mind. It’s conversation. “What are they making, Mommy?” “What kind of food is that?” “What does _____ taste like?” “Can we make that for dinner?”

I like it. I like it alot.

This summer, Jet-Set Tot and I went with friends to see Bravo’s traveling Quickfire challenge, Top Chef :: The Tour. It would be All-star Chef-testants, winner, Richard Blais and Fabio Viviani. Both also a part of Bravo TV’s Life After Top Chef. We not only had the opportunity to meet both chefs; however we also had the chance to taste their dishes. EXCITING!

THE TREND TRIBE : 2012 Event || Top Chef Tour :: Richard Blais & Fabio Viviani

“Fabio’s dish was pan seared cod and sat on top of a cold corn and grape salad tossed with chili sauce and topped with shaved parmesan cheese – his secret ingredient.  Blais’s dish – also cod – was pan seared and paired with a potato puree, shiitake mushrooms, sliced apples, and a pea pod.  The tart apples jumped off the plate.  It was so super delish.  His secret ingredient came from a banh mi Vietnamese baguette sandwich another fan brought to the show.  I honestly have no idea where or how he used it!” – WN, The Trend Tribe

Who is your favorite Bravo TV Chef-tenstant?


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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Photo credits: Wendy Nielsen and Nicole Standley