Jet-Set Mom Heads Over the Hills & Far Away in a Zeppelin

Stranger things have happened. Or have they? Tonight I went sightseeing along the Pacific coast at sunset in a zeppelin. Yes, a zeppelin. Now while I still haven’t completely processed the adventure, if you don’t think this is the coolest thing ever then just stop reading now.

One minute I was sipping delicious wines at Airflite Aviations and the next I was in the middle of a field waiting for my ride to ‘land’. This was not on my agenda for the evening. ESPECIALLY, not sticking my head out the window while moving. And to think, I almost passed this opportunity up. PTL for Twitter.

Jet-Set Family takes a ZeppMe Zeppelin Ride from Long Beach

Oddly enough, I had mentioned recently to anyone who would listen that a zeppelin ride had been on my ‘bucket list’. Once again, I like to call it manifesting your destiny. Either way, tonight was a dream come true. Proof that if you really want something, there is no reason you cannot figure out how to get it.

I won’t lie, I was scared. Petrified is more like it. I hate turbulence. I get antsy. Even worse, I hate when my stomach drops. So I was floored that after my adventure, it is a no-brainer, the zeppelin is now my preferred mode of transportation. I closed my eyes for a moment and we were up in the air, and closed them on decent and we were landed. I missed it! Blinked and the lift-off and decent were done! Not one butterfly, not one second of turbulence.

Jet-Set Family takes a ZeppMe Zeppelin Ride from Long Beach

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley
Social Media Disclosure: This experience was provided to The Jet-Set Mom #gratis.