Jet-Set Family Invades the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

It’s no secret that rock and roll fuels The Jet-Set Family. Often confused with living like ‘rockstars’ we had to bring Jet-Set Tot to see how her idols life. Off to Hard Rock Hotel San Diego located at the entrance of the historic Gaslamp Quarter. Please let the record show that this hotel was right up our alley and I think it is safe to say that it exceeded Jet-Set Tot’s standards. From decor to rooms to food, Jet-Set Mom, Dad and Tot were all very pleased.

We had so much fun running snooping around the place, playing name that tune, enjoying cocktails and mocktails at MaryJanes, basically feeling like we were at a better version of home, with blackout curtains, room services and awesome lighting!

The Jet-Set Family Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

The moment I stepped off the elevator I was greeted by the Punk Princess herself, Debbie Harry… O M G. It should be mandatory, no matter what the decor is, that every building in the world have rock n’ roll wall paper. THE END. So I immediately knew I was in for a treat and unless I walked in and there was a cot on the floor – this was the place for me. But if you must know, the beds were like big fluffy white puffs from Heaven and the bathrooms are glorious.

The Mary Jane’s Coffee House menu also reminds us of a higher code to live by:

The Jet-Set Family Hard Rock Hotel San Diego


And I would like to add… David Cassidy or Davy Jones? The ATM is not your friend. Tequila makes you pretty, floss after every meal and think twice before you pierce.

This place was a blast. Especially if you are young, hot and single. The Do Not Disturb signs boast: NOT NOW. MY EGO NEEDS A REST (this is as cool as Lenny Kravitz,) and the staff wore great guitar pick name badges proudly displaying their favorite band. However, where was the Foo Fighters love?! What about Queens of The Stone Age?! Nada. However, Tupac & Fugees were represented.  I swear, kids these days.

Speaking of kiddies… yeah…that’s right, I’m a Jet-Set Mom with a Jet-Set Tot who left with AWESOMEtastic Hard Rock Hotel drum sticks for her kit. Our Jet-Set Tot loves rock and roll, loves the history and loves the visual details, most kiddies could care less. If your wee one has not been bitten by the rockstar bug, LEAVE THEM HOME!!!! You’ll have a blast, but to them, they’ll be asking you to “TURN DOWN THAT PESKY ROCK AND ROLL!”

The Jet-Set Family Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Oh, and people…they have NOBU. Score!


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

Nicole_StandleyNicole Standley a.k.a. Jet-Set Mom, is a social influencer + lifestylist covering luxury travel, fine-dining, fashion & pop culture for The Trend Tribe. Contributor for CBS LA, Lucky Magazine, Burke Williams Spa &, follow her latest travels and escapades on Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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