California Soarin’ :: Space Shuttle Endeavor Passes Over Disneyland

As luck would have it, Jet-Set Tot had Friday off from school. I love when she’s home and I wanted to do special exploring with her. The Long Beach Aquarium and Discovery Science Center entered my mind, but then I received a text from our beloved Jo-Jo asking her to meet up at Disneyland to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor being flown piggy back on a 747 to its final destination.

This was history! Of course I was going to show up with Jet-Set Tot, but to make it even more special, I armed her with my DSL and let her shoot the day’s activities. I had my iPhone, so I wasn’t too worried about missing a shot, plus I knew it would be all over every news stream across the land if the pics came out blurry, but most importantly, I wanted to see it through the eyes of Jet-Set Tot.

The Jet-Set Family Space Shuttle Endeavor Disneyland


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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Photo credits: The Jet-Set Tot and Nicole Standley