The Jet-Set Family ‘Loves All Serves All’ at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood

I cannot remember the last time I ventured into a Hard Rock Cafe, let alone ordered some nosh. I always loved going as a kid in NYC, but I was always going for the vibe, the memorabilia, the swag. Every time, I longed to submerge myself in the rock and roll lifestyle so it is no surprise Jet-Set Tot inherited the gene.

Jet-Set Tot Foo Fighters

The Jet-Set Tot rocks out to her favorite band, Foo Fighters.

On our way back to the car after a special screening of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie at our favorite, El Capitan Theater, on Hollywood Boulevard, Jet-Set Tot read the big sign, HARD ROCK CAFE, “Mama, can we go there?” I glanced at Jet-Set Dad, and at the same exact time we each shrugged our shoulders and said, “Sure!”

I walked in and wow, it’s changed. The LOVE ALL SERVE ALL theme is the same, but now there are iPads on the tables, u2’s Vertigo blaring, and Motley Crue’s motorcycle, (OK, maybe things haven’t changed that much.) But how was the food going to be?

The Jet-Set Family Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood

It was great. Bar food, so don’t expect fine dining, but for a chain restaurant, the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard had fantastic food. I was really impressed actually. The flavors were delicious, food was cooked properly, the kids’ menu had a big selection and the service was top-notch. I highly recommend the sample platter for appetizers.


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley