The Jet-Set Family Explores Downtown Disney

There are few things that I enjoy more than watching Jet-Set Dad and Jet-Set Tot hang out with each other. I could honestly observe them all day snapping pics with my iPhone and would not get bored. They talk, play games, discuss Barbies & Star Wars, they dance and make up silly words and then fall fast asleep curled up with each other while watching football.

This day was no different except we were out-and-about at Downtown Disney where we stopped by some of our favorite places to eat, play and splurge.

First on the agenda. FOOD. We hadn’t been to Rainforest Cafe in seemed like forever, so we decided to try it out and see if the menu had changed at all. Unfortunately, my favorite dish that had brought me back so many times before had since been taken off of the menu, and while there was no wait to be seated, our food took a lifetime to arrive. I was very surprised by this because all we ordered was an appetizer sampler. Good thing we weren’t in a rush! Jet-Set Tot still enjoyed herself, but I’m fairly certain from now on when visiting Downtown Disney we will stick to our Naples Ristorante or Catal.

Downtown Disney Jet-Set Family

On our way to Build-a-Bear we stopped off to at the Legos store for a quick sneak-peek since Christmas is around the corner. The Jet-Set Family loves Legos. We build everything from cities to houses and it’s one of our favorite ways to spend QFT together.

Build-a-Bear is a blast. In order to preserve the magic and excitement, we have waited to return to Build-A-Bear. I think this is JST’s second time actually participating in the building process and her smile was ear-to-ear. We go as a Jet-Set Family and all of us play a part. Jet-Set Tot picks and stuffs her animal, Jet-Set Dad helps with the ‘Bear Registration’ process and Jet-Set Mom helps her lil’ fashionista stylist pick out a special outfit or accessories.

Jet-Set Family at Build A Bear

A great store at Downtown Disney is Sanuk. I’m not quite sure of the background of the brand, but a Jet-Set Friend recently sent me a pair that she said I had to try. The pair she sent was a bit snug, so I ran in to exchange them. One thing is for certain, WE LOVE THIS PLACE! Everything about the store is exactly what The Jet-Set Family loves. The selection, the comfort, the decor, you name it. You can bet we will be doing a full-on post on why Sanuk makes not only a great shoe for everyone in the family, but these are the best shoes for travel!

And finally, a trip to Downtown Disney would not be complete without strolling by Marceline’s Confectionery to see the candied apples being made.


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley