Down The Shore Everything’s Alright

I’ve sung those words a thousand times. And now over this last week as my beautiful home state and Jersey Shore which I loved so much lay in ruins brought on as a result of the mass-destruction caused by ‘Sandy’, I’ve been repeating that same line over, and over, and over, and over again. It’s become a mantra. A prayer of sorts. However, I’m still in denial. I’m not ignoring it though. I may have a 3,400 mile buffer to spare me from living the details & anguish 24/7, but I know everything that is going on and I’m still heartbroken for my friends and family left behind.

I grew up summering at those shores and then later living there as an adult before life brought me West permanently. There’s no question in my mind. We will re-built, restored and rise-up again better than ever. I mean, that’s what we do in The Jerz, we keep going. Only the strong survive. We will do this.

The Jersey Shore

As I approach my 13th Californiaversary this month, I found myself wondering over the summer if I can even be considered a ‘Jersey Girl’ anymore? Having been born, raised and lived in New Jersey the first 25 years of my life, I knew it was in my blood, my bones, but I’ve adopted the California way of life so much that I wasn’t sure. This week made me fully realize, despite the fact I built a whole beautiful life on the ‘left-coast’ with Jet-Set Dad and Jet-Set Tot in Southern California, I am, and will forever be, 100% New Jersey. As if it were my nationality. There is an overwhelming pride that is undeniable.

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name than ‘Sandy’ to have cleansed New Jersey as it did. Poetic justice. No one deserves this devastation, but was it bound to happen? What about next year? The year after that? There is no rhyme or reason except to ask, “How much longer do we plan to ignore the state of the environment?” She keeps giving us little nudges. a superstorm here, a tidal wave there, an earthquake over yonder. This was a push. Next? A proper school-yard beat down.

For now, I hope everyone affected by this tragedy can move forward cleansing themselves of everything. They’ve lost so much. Tonight, when I say my bedtime prayers, I am going to pray with all of my might that any heavy hearts filled with sadness of everything they lost, will soon change to a feeling of freedom & release much sooner than later.

:: Ways to help Victims of Hurricane Sandy ::

Red Cross

Text message REDCROSS to 909-99 directly from your cell phone to donate $10.00

Go to your local Red Cross and give blood. This is very important!

The Jersey Shore

Restore the Shore

Merch is available for purchase and the proceeds will go to aid Hurricane Sandy disaster relief.

The Jersey Shore Restore the Shore

Sending all the love I can possible muster up to all of you,


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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