4th Annual Milk + Bookies Story Time Celebration


Some children ask how much longer until their birthday, Christmas, or summer vacation, but Jet-Set Tot? Nope. Every few weeks she’ll chime in at bedtime like clockwork, “Mommy, when is Milk + Bookies?” It’s our favorite Sunday of the year and I completely understand her excitement, as a parent I’m just as anxious to go. Today was Milk + Bookies 4th Annual Celebrity Story Time and as always it was so much fun! As in A LOT of fun. It is The Jet-Set Family’s favorite invitation every. single. year. 

2012: Milk + Bookies 3rd Annual Story Time Celebration


Milk + Bookies encourages children to give back to the community by personalizing and gifting new books to little ones who might otherwise not have any. Jet-Set Tot and I read together every day so it is very easy to overlook that other children her age may not have easy accessibility to books. By being a part of this annual celebration, Jet-Set Tot is not only learning the lifelong importance of philanthropy and literacy, but learning how to make a difference in someone else’s life at an early age.


It’s never to soon to want to make a difference in someone’s life. This is an organization close to our hearts especially since reading has become such a big part of Jet-Set Tot’s life and brings her so much enjoyment. Now in kindergarten, to hear her read with such ease and clarity makes my heart full.


During the Milk + Bookies Story Time Celebration, Jet-Set Tot had the opportunity to make really cool crafts, play with story book characters and listen to her favorite books being read by Don Cheadle (Iron Man, House of Lies, Hotel Rwanda) and Bridgid Coulter, Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time), Julie Bowen (Modern Family), and Max Greenfield (New Girl). Other celebs who came out to support Milk + Bookies 4th Annual Celebrity Story Time were: J.J. Abrams, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band), Jayma Mayes (Glee), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal), Constance Zimmer (Grey’s Anatomy, Entourage), and Chris Messina (The Mindy Project).


In our home Eloise reigns supreme. Who is your favorite storybook character?


Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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