The Coolest Toy Ever.


Who remembers Fashion Plates? Wow. I spent hours upon hours playing with that set. I thought about it often and always secretly wished I still had it. Then Jet-Set fashionista Tot received the coolest toy for her birthday. Totally Me! Funky Fashion Tracing Desk. We spent all morning coming up with designs so Tot could make a fashion portfolio that she could, “Send all around the world to Paris, Spain and Washington for all of the fashion people to see it.” (Her words, not mine.) She wasn’t the only one who had a blast. I had such a good time playing with the totally me! Funky Fashion Tracing Desk from Toys R Us. Before I knew it over two hours had gone by.

I was very impressed not only how sturdy the toy was made, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a toy with such substance that did not try to cut corners. OK, so maybe they could’ve tossed in there a few more sheets of paper and a couple more colored pencils, but we can totally deal with not having those. Things like that are easy fixes and I can’t remember the last time Jet-Set Tot and Mom had this much fun. For $14.99, I will overlook having to buy a set of colored pencils! And everything packs up so nice and neatly keeping my OCD in check.


The light box is such an awesome feature! My daughter actually feels like a real fashion designer making sketches and designing patterns. I love toys that not only bring enjoyment, but spark a creativity in Tot that makes her curious about different professions in life. I want her to know she can be anything, do anything and that her mom and dad are here to help her find and empower that calling.

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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