Newport Beach: Tommy Bahamas Island Grille

Tommy Bahama Island Grille Newport Beach

Tommy Bahama is not all about island print shirts. The moment you walk into the Tommy Bahamas Island Grille Restaurant past the clothing boutique, even before you are seated, something happens. Besides being instantly transported to a tropical paradise, you feel relaxed. There is a calmness that is so pleasant that all you want to do is enjoy the peacefulness, break bread, and enjoy conversation with the friends and family you arrived with.

This happens every. single. time. Tommy Bahama Restaurant has been a regular of ours for years because of its location. It was walking distance to our home, Jet-Set Tot was welcomed with open arms, and the menu has always delivered the perfect lunches. We are also a fan because while you can feel a great energy in the air, the banquet style booths are large, comfortable and keep the conversation of the party next to you to a minimum.

Now let’s discuss what you need to try. These are our recommendations and as many of you know, we’re creatures of habit, so we’ve been ordering these items for ages and they still continue to top our list.

Tommy Bahama Island Grille Newport Beach

The bread. The warm, bread that reminds me of a sandcastle with the most amazing butter you will ever try. I’m not one to snack on bread before dinner, but this will deliver you directly to carb Heaven. Crab Bisque with lump blue crab and sherry cream – Oh. Mah. Goodness. Few things in this world will make me weep with happiness and this is one of them! What about the Tuna Poke for appetizers? Yes! Yes! Yes! The Grilled Steak Tenderloin Salad needs no introduction with grilled potatoes, romas, shiitake mushrooms, garlic aioli and tamarind vinaigrette. For awhile my family was also a fan of the Lobster Grilled Cheese, but then we tried the salad, and we’ve been hooked ever since.And there is simply no way you can visit Tommy Bahama Restaurant without treating yourself to a bit of Jet-Set Tot’s favorite Key Lime Pie.

Yes, we will go here again. Yes, the food is delicious. And BIG FAT YES it is Jet-Set Tot approved! What are you waiting for? Go nuts and head on over to Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille and enjoy!

Tommy Bahamas Island Grille | 854 Avocado Ave  Newport Beach, CA | (949) 760-8686

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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