Mad Men and My Hawaiian Holiday

I have to be honest. I never quite understood the ‘hype’ that surrounded vacationing in Hawaii. You see, the beautiful Southern California is where we call home and I’ve said every single day for over 12 years that we live in the most beautiful place on earth. Then I woke up very early Sunday morning in O’hau overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. I knew something was different. Where was I and what was this odd, odd feeling I’ve never felt on vacation before?

Hawaii and Mad Men

The air, the scent, the selective amnesia. I can’t explain it, I felt as though the island was taking care of my family like therapy. It was a feeling. I had no concept of time. Does all of this sound familiar? Later that night I turned on AMC for the Season Premiere of Mad Men and suddenly Don Draper and I were kindred spirits. He got Hawaii. I was living Dick’s life that night and I understood.

“You don’t miss anything, you’re not homesick. It’s a feeling. It’s a fragrance.” – Don Draper


Next week, I promise you, you will be on Hawaiian overload with all of the posts I’ll be sharing about the resort. Our trip to Disney Aulani was one of the best family experiences The Jet Set Family has ever had and our posts will be filled with every reason to eat, play, and stay Disney Aulani. But most of all, I plan on sharing why family vacations are so important, and why this Disney property is not only exceptional, but so much different from any other Disney resort we’ve vacationed.

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

Nicole_StandleyNicole Standley a.k.a. Jet-Set Mom, is a social influencer + lifestylist covering luxury travel, fine-dining, fashion & pop culture for The Trend Tribe. Contributor for CBS LA, Lucky Magazine, Burke Williams Spa &, follow her latest travels and escapades on Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

Photo credits: Nicole Standley and AMC

4 thoughts on “Mad Men and My Hawaiian Holiday

  1. I’m looking forward to your Aulani posts! It’s been a few years since we vacationed on Maui and Oahu and I’m starting to feel like I need a bit of Hawaii again. Didn’t think that I would return to Oahu but the Aulani has me thinking – maybe!

    • Thank you for stopping by! I completely understand what you mean about revisiting Oahu. Disney Aulani has made the ideal vacation where both the children and the adults have the most incredible time. There was no need to leave the resort. In fact, we didn’t!

  2. Hawaii was never on my list of places to travel to until the last 2 years. The pictures I’ve seen, the stories I’ve heard, it’s one of those places I need to at least visit once in my life

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