Aloha! Greetings from Disney Aulani

The Jet Set Family Disney Aulani #jsfdisney

Dear ________ ,

We are having the most amazing time in Hawaii at Disney Aulani.

Wish you were here!

The Jet-Set Family xx

The Jet Set Family Disney Aulani #jsfdisney

Welcome to Paradise

I hope you are ready for my countless Disney Aulani posts this week because there are a lot. It would be impossible to cover how wonderful this resort is in one or two posts. Not only is Disney Aulani the ideal family vacation, but it is paradise. The views, the food, our villa, the fun – I am overjoyed we decided to spend Jet-Set Tot’s first official Spring Break at Disney Aulani. Over a year ago Jet Set Kiddo glued a picture of Mickey & Minnie on the beach of Aulani on her dream board and has talked about it ever since, little did we know is that it would be a dream come true for our whole family.

We flew into Honolulu from LAX and after a short 20-minute car ride, we arrived just in time to watch the tiki torches light up the property and hear Hawaiian music fill the air. We were immediately greeted, “Welcome Home!” from cast members Tim and Marc who showered us with presents upon our arrival at Disney Aulani.


We were also able to check-in online prior to our arrival, so our room keys were ready to go! As we were escorted up to our villa, we tried to spot as many Menehunes (the Hidden Mickeys of Aulani) as we could. It became our favorite family game to play during the stay because there are over 200 hidden all over the resort!

Home Sweet Home.

Ahhh! Aulani Sweet Aulani. The place we were to call home for the next week was perfect! Clean, spacious, nicely decorated and smelled AMAZING. They also stocked the bathrooms with the H2O products we have grown to love so much. So would you like a tour of the rest of our home away from home? The layout is one-bedroom, ocean front villa on the 15th floor. This unit is designed to sleep five comfortably. There is a king sized bed in the master bedroom, a twin murphy bed in the living area and a double sofa bed.

The Jet Set Family Disney Aulani #jsfdisney

We ran to the balcony to see our view, but the sun had already gone down that all we could see was the path of the lazy river, and two of the restaurants. Only to wake up to THIS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This was my Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings! YIPPPPEEE!


Disney Aulani: What to see? What to Do?

I cannot wait to share with you all of our favorite places to stay, play, eat and see while at Disney Aulani! I am also compiling a great list on Travel Tips, Must-Sees, and making the most of your time while vacationing at Disney Aulani.

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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