Makahiki at Disney Aulani

Makahiki Disney Aulani Lunch Menu

Makahiki is named for the annual Hawaiian harvest festival held in O‘ahu to celebrate the season of bounty and peace.

Makahiki at Disney Aulani is known mostly for the Disney Character Breakfast and Dinners, but I have to share with you what a fantastic place it is for lunch! The walls are decorated from floor to ceiling with the insides of coconuts. Fruits made of glass, hang from the ceilings.  This is a special place. We knew it immediately. After deciding to try it out by pure luck, we ended up having a leisurely two-hour lunch (which is unheard of in our Lil’ Jet Set world,)  on the lanai where we got to know our amazing server, Kealanei, found out about great local customs, traditional Hawaiian food, good conversation and amazing views of the resort.

Makahiki Disney Aulani Lunch Menu

Makahiki has this fantastic lunch menu where you can make your own pizzas, design your own salads, create your own sandwiches and even a few regular ‘go to’s’ but the star of the show for us without a doubt was the Chef’s Special Bento Box. It’s all about the attention to detail (look at the detail of the wasabi) and Makahiki really succeed in making flavorful plates.

What we ate…

A little side note, before we go on. On a whim, I decided to order the Miso Soup to go along with my monster salad and it was THE BEST MISO SOUP I’VE EVER TRIED. I’m still thinking about this soup. It was perfection in a little bowl. Another wonderful addition that packed a lot of punch was the Ginger-Soy dressing. We all know how much Jet Set Mom loves ginger, so this made me do a little dance in my seat.

Makahiki Disney Aulani Lunch Menu

Miso Soup

Chef’s Special Bento

Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Chicken Teriyaki, Cucumber and Carrot Namasu, Fried Rice, and Mochi Ice Cream

Make your own salad

Grilled Tofu, Pickled Ginger, Mushrooms and Ginger Sesame Dressing

The Keiki Menu or Kids Menu is your basic child-friendly food, but make no mistake, it’s very tasty.

Makahiki Disney Aulani Lunch Menu

I loved that majority of the outside seating was covered or semi-shaded so we were not seated in the direct afternoon sunlight, and only a few feet from my beloved koi pond. The warm Hawaiian breeze was exactly the right touch to make this lunch even more memorable. I also loved its casual, yet upscale vibe. I didn’t feel rushed, we could enjoy our meal at our own pace since lunchtime is Makahiki’s best kept secret and we were not rushed to turn over our table quickly. It’s also when many of the guests are enjoying the beach or pools.

Do you prefer to dine inside or outside?

Makahiki | Disney Aulani | 92-1185 Ali’Inui Drive, Kapolei, HI  | (808) 674-6200

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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