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The Jet-Set Family came to life shortly after Jet-Set Tot was born in 2007. My professional career began in PR and marketing, focusing on different facets of luxury brands, high-end travel and the entertainment industries, so starting a website devoted to my favorite places and things didn’t seem very far-fetched. The Baby Bjorn had become our BFF, and with Jet-Set Tot’s first professional headshot being a passport photo, we knew it was only a matter of time before we had air-travel with a newborn down to a science. Within months, our Lil’ Miss Thang had more frequent flyer miles than most do in a lifetime and by 2.5 years old, with almost 30 flights (mostly First Class, including her maiden voyage,) she had her own guest-profile in many of the country’s finest hotels.


The Jet-Set Tot hitching a ride at LAX.

What originally began as a travel journal to document Jet-Set Tot’s adventures has become a go-to guide for parents who are still consumed by wanderlust, looking for the feel of a higher-end ‘couples getaway’, but now have to ‘double-date’ with J.I.T.’s or Jet-setters In Training! We make it a point only to feature best-of-the-best on The Jet-Set Family, and unless mentioned otherwise, I have personally experienced every product, resort and service.

Welcome to our site. The Jet-Set Family, so happy to have you!

Hugs & passports stamps,

nds xx

2013 :: Disney Aulani :: Santa Barbara :: Chicago :: Dana Point :: Disneyland :: Walt Disney World

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